Dec 2, 2018

Weather Alert in Lake county.December 2


The National Weather Service is investigating a dozen reports of tornadoes touching down in central Illinois on Saturday evening, but no reports of any casualties.


Surveys will begin Sunday to find out if any of the 12 would be verified as twisters, said weather service meteorologist Todd Kluber.

They were reported in Christian, Cass, Fulton, McDonough and Schuyler counties, Kluber said.


No injuries or fatalities have been reported.


A tornado watch expired at 7 p.m. for portions of central Illinois as storms die down and weaken as they head north, toward Chicago.


“The expectation is a much lesser threat of tornadoes as the evening progresses,’’ Kluber said.


For those in the Chicago area, light fog and a round of showers are expected between 9 p.m. and midnight Sunday as the system’s effect moves into the Chicago area, bringing a round of showers and some thunderstorms, Kluber said.


After the system passes to the east, it will bring plunging temperatures, but for now, they remain in the lower to mid-40s in the Chicago area.

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