Aug 30, 2017



Been a minute before getting on here!! I have been sick with a cough ,cold , stuffy nose so I cant sleep !! Drs today, and feeling somewhat better!! Shots do work LOL . Anyways for all who knew I was a moderator on Dutchsinse for a while ,well changes were made and I and all the mods were removed ,which is ok as I have had alot of time to put time into my own channel and things I wanted to get done ! I am still supportive of dutchsinse channel and forecasting ,and will continue to post his updates to the facebook groups and google groups that I created so people will stiill be able to get his updates and share them .I have made changes to the Facebook groups and have removed some of the mods that were there . I do not do the gossip ,he/she did this or that . In hindsite I made the right choice at the time and I wish them the best of luck in their new endeavors .

I have started using Geonet for accuracy for Maps and will post them for the NZ site once in the morning and once at Night and on the website .I am also doing Maps for EMSC in the evening .And thats an update :)



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